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The general manager of Veilyskompetanse AS, Mr. Peter Christiansen, has been working for more than 26 years in the Norwegian company Hafslund AS - one of the largest energy companies in Scandinavia, owned by the municipality of Oslo. For more than 15 years he has been the head of public lighting in Oslo and the municipalities - satellites of Oslo - Asker and Barum.
fter that he worked as a consultant for 15 years. During this period, Mr. Christiansen was one of the most influential and competent professionals in the field of street lighting in Norway and with wide competence in most activities related to outdoor lighting.

With its experience and large network, VEILYSKOMPETANSE offers, alone or together with partners, complex lighting - from small individual assignments to large cities.

Current clients of the company:

- Managers of State and municipal road infrastructure

- Public and private property owners and property managers

- Architectural offices and other consulting company

- Construction and assembly companies

- Providers
Services offered by the company:

Project management

Plans and requests for operation and maintenance

Agreements between manager and contractor

Organizer of seminars, courses and "meetings with clients"

Design of outdoor lighting systems

Condition control / description of an existing facility

Teaching and lectures

Quality assurance of specific projects

Turnkey lighting systems

Plans for lighting of individual sites or entire zones / municipalities

Mailing address

Country Norway

Address Troms0gata 10 E, 0565 Oslo


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